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Solving the embroidery problem >_<

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Update of the new year? Sure.

Sun Jan 11, 2015, 5:53 PM

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News and Updates
Hey, long time, no see. >_<

I know I've been pretty quiet/scarce here on dA.  Because things have been pretty meh.  Trying to keep my deeper personal life out of this, but yeeeeaaaah I've admittedly been pretty down from various not-so-fun things adding up.  Besides my attempted Inktober Challenge-majiger, I haven't been doing much personal art... which I don't like.  But even trying to art for myself (and not for commissions) more is currently difficult.

I will announce that :star:commissions are open:star: once again.  They were on hold while I finished up my queue and allowed time for my holiday crafting and etsy rush, so now I am back on track!  I'll be noting anyone I may have spoken to while things were on hold. :meow:
I have also updated my commissions page (now it matches, yey!) and a couple prices and TOS matters.  So clickit. *points to the side menu*

Plans and Stuff
I suppose I never formally posted an AWA post-con report here, but I sorta did on my FuzziMutt tumblr (read it here if you'd like).  To sum it up, it wasn't particularly a good sales year for many artists for some odd reason. o_o;  I realized on an individual level, tho, that my tendency to stay away from fanart items (especially plush) probably doesn't help with an anime audience.  My Octoplush are cute and popular, buuuut old sauce, haha.  So I would like to branch out a bit.

I am currently wait-listed for the Dealer's Den at FWA, so hopefully that will be a thing.  I figure my better audience is there and it's a con I really did enjoy attending for fun last year. o:  But this will allow me to focus on making the kind of plushies I really love making and not have to rely so heavily on inclusion of fanart.  Not that I'm against it, of course.  But I've already had that rant, lol.

On that note.  <_<   >_>
There's a chance I may be building a partial fursuit for FWA
Lol, I dunno why I'm so shy about it, my furriness is no secret at all.  But I've fallen in love with the idea of a performance character and want to pursue this.  My first forays into cosplay were with my Sly Cooper costume, which was fun because I physically acted the part slinking around and perching on things.
I have a character (... one of the ones I really need to post, lol) who's perfect for such a thing.  While I can't lie that I'd love a crazy-detailed, work-of-art suit to have and be gorgeous; my most pressing idea is a character to be SILLY AND FUN.  I'll have to see if it can happen this year, tho.  Cosplay and hobby plans are naturally dictated by funds and time. >_<

Other Stuffs
I guess there's still the new character I've accidentally been building up by constantly mentioning it and not posting it, haha.  But now if I don't, XNedra22 might get me. x_x  So maybe look for that? Lol.  I've actually been exploring a handful of personal OCs in past months... likely due to the ups and downs that seem to be befalling me. :XD:  They are not alternate per[/fur]sonas or anything... yet... but they are mostly based on personal aspects of my life.  Stories, encounters, places I've lived, hobbies and interests, etc.  So they are my very special babies and I'm shy about sharing them.  ;_;  But I will soon.  But be prepared for STORY TIME, lol.

Also, since I seem to be really into precision-tasks such as coding when I'm in not-so-sunny moods, I plan to give my professional portfolio site a MASSIVE OVERHAUL.  But I'd like to include more of my art style in its graphic elements, so I might be randomly showing off assets and semi-portfolio pieces.  Trying to use my art tumblr more as well, I guess.  I dunno.  I can't whine about needing to art more and then not do anything about it, hmm? lol.

Till next time.

~ :heart: Teh Mutt :heart:

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I'm... not sure how I feel about this..?
Guess I'll make use of it, tho.  Arstuffs happening over on my art tumblr if  you feel like being nosy.


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